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Russel P Brown
Russel is a Newark, NJ native. He studied music at Essex County College and Rutgers University. He is a Producer-Writer Arranger-Vocalist/Trumpeter. His newly released CD, "The Kickoff" is Produced by Joshua Paul Thompson, Executive Producer Russel Brown. Russ is featured on his new CD,"The Kickoff", singing classical jazz selections, which can be purchased at and
Vocalist and Trumpet musician
Genre: Jazz, Rock, Latin, Reggae, Funk, Rhythm and Blues

Recent Recording:("The Kickoff", NewarkTown, USA)
Featuring Russel P Brown, vocals; Rich Gordon, Background Vocals; Leo
Johnson, Tenor Sax; Roland Washington , Alto Sax; Ed Howard, Bass; Victor
Jones, Drums; John diMartino, Piano.

Russel Brown Quote:

I have this love to stimulate my audience with the sound of my singing and
Trumpet playing.  
“My ultimate objective in performing is to interact with the thoughts and feelings of my audience in such a way that I pull them into the performance and take them places giving them visions of how I perceive life's experiences.”  I perform “OLD SCHOOL” and “NEW SCHOOL” music although, “JAZZ” is my first love.  Whatever your pleasure, I do it.

Recent performances include appearances at the Metropolitan Room in New York City, Trumpets (West Orange, NJ), The Key Club and Skippers (Newark, NJ),.  He has also performed at “Larry Young's Jazz Club and Lounge” performing material from his recent CD, “The Kickoff”, opposite Mel Davis Trio, Onage Alan Gumbs, TC III, and Lisa Nobumoto.

Throughout his career,  as a member of “The Bell Telefunk Company”  and “Psalms” bands Russel has performed in opening acts for :

Grover Washington Jr
The O' Jays
Los Blues
Marlo (Carlos Santana's brother)
Wilson Pickett and The Midnight Band
The Commodores
The Detroit Emeralds
Black Ivory
Jersey Contemporary Jazz Orchestra (Duke Anderson Conducting)
Jazz Great – Larry Young Jr. (Khalid Yahsann)
Geovanni Arencibia